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Landscaping Products for Warfordsburg

Do you find working in your backyard frustrating because…
  • You have an idea for your backyard but don’t know how to make it a reality?

  • You don’t know which product works best or how much product to order?

  • You’re having trouble finding the specific pieces you need?

At Terrascape Supply, we want to help make your dream outdoors a reality by…
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    A knowledgeable team offering inspiration and advice

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    Having a variety of displays that showcase what’s possible

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    Helping you find the perfect products

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    Providing a wide variety of materials

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    Delivery services with drivers who care about your property

"Terrascape Supply has the best products! I go there for plants, mulch, stone, and many other landscaping materials. I also bought a fireplace kit and poly furniture there years ago and they've held up incredibly well. If you need something delivered, their delivery driver Steve is the best. Thanks Terrascape!"

Brandon B.

"My wife and I visited Terrascape supply on Tuesday. We found six good quality arbor vitas at a good price and some tall grasses to plant at our home where we are updating the landscape. Moses from Terrascape delivered them on Wednesday and put them where I wanted. The employees at Terrascape are knowledgeable and helpful."

James K.

"I just wanted to say thank you so much to Moses. He went above and beyond to help us out! The people who work here are always so nice and kind. I highly recommend!!"

Shelly S.

"My name is now Sharon Killian and my husband is Dennis. We have been working with Moses Martin and he is the nicest and kindest person you could meet! Very knowledgeable and helpful. I even named a tree after him, it was the Cypress Cascade Falls tree that I kind of bought from under his feet, he knows the story lol. So we have decided to name that tree the "Moses" tree! Go pay him a visit, you will not regret it or the service you receive there."

Sharon R.

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Why work with us?
Why work with us?

Knowledgeable Team

From sales to delivery, our team is here to help you find the products that are right for you and your backyard.

Source of Inspiration

We want to help you with your next project, whether it’s our helpful team or wide range of displays at our store.

Customer Service

We offer only the best in products, and we strive for complete customer satisfaction if something doesn’t meet our standards.

Organized Yard

Our yard is kept clean and organized to make your experience as easy and clean as possible!

Your source for local landscaping
supplies in Warfordsburg, PA

Many homeowners and contractors in Warfordsburg have trouble finding the right landscaping products or inspiration they need for their dream outdoors.

At Terrascape Supply, our knowledgeable staff, well-stocked yard, and inspirational displays make sure you have everything you need to love your backyard!

In Warfordsburg, PA, nestled in the serene landscapes of Fulton County, our home improvement services stand out for their quality and commitment to local needs. We understand the unique charm and challenges of living in this beautiful region. Our services, ranging from renovations to custom building projects, are designed to enhance the quaint and rustic character of Warfordsburg homes while ensuring modern comfort and efficiency. We take pride in our craftsmanship and attention to detail, ensuring that every project we undertake in Warfordsburg not only meets but exceeds the expectations of our discerning clientele.

Warfordsburg, a small but historically rich town in Fulton County, Pennsylvania, carries a legacy dating back to the 18th century. Named after the Warford family, early settlers in the region, the town has retained much of its historical charm and significance. Its proximity to the Mason-Dixon Line adds to its historical intrigue, having been a witness to significant events in American history.

Over the years, Warfordsburg has maintained its rural character, with rolling hills and sprawling landscapes defining its topography. The town's history is marked by its agricultural roots, traditional architecture, and the tight-knit community that has sustained it through the years. This historical tapestry, comprising old churches, historic farms, and community gatherings, provides a glimpse into a way of life that has endured and evolved over centuries.

Top 10 Attractions in Warfordsburg, PA

  • Buchanan State Forest: A natural haven for outdoor enthusiasts with trails and scenic views.
  • Sideling Hill Tunnel: Explore this abandoned Pennsylvania Turnpike tunnel for a unique adventure.
  • Mason-Dixon Historical Park: Discover the history of the Mason-Dixon Line.
  • Cove Valley Christian Youth Camp: A serene setting for spiritual retreats and family outings.
  • Tonoloway Ridge Hiking Trails: Enjoy breathtaking views and diverse flora and fauna.
  • Warfordsburg Historical Society: Delve into local history and heritage.
  • Little Tonoloway Creek: Perfect for fishing, kayaking, and relaxing by the water.
  • Fulton County Quilt Club Show: Celebrate the art of quilting and local craftsmanship.
  • Hancock Antique Mall: Discover unique finds and local antiques.
  • Green Hill Sewing Club's Annual Craft Show: Experience local arts and crafts.

Zip Codes in Warfordsburg, PA

The primary zip code for Warfordsburg, PA is 17267.

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