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Hardscape Seminar


June 22
9:00 am - 12:00 pm

Are you considering building a retaining wall or creating a patio for your own backyard retreat, and aren’t sure where to start? Allow our friends at Tussey Landscaping to walk you through the basic steps of paver and wall construction. Tussey Landscaping is an ICPI certified Installer along with being an EP Henry Certified Contractor so you will be learning from the pros who do this everyday.

This seminar is not a hands-on-seminar, but a small patio and wall will be constructed right before your eyes. An emphasis will be put on all the key construction elements so you will leave the seminar with all the tips needed for your hardscape project. We will welcome any questions you have so make sure you bring them with you. Feel free to stay for any part or the entire seminar. We look forward to seeing you here!

Hardscape Seminar Breakdown:

  • Welcome and Basics of Wall Construction – 40 min.
  • Question and Answer Session, Break – 10 min.
  • Basics of Paver Installation – 40 min.
  • Question and Answer Session, Conclusion – 15 min.

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Hardscape Seminar - learn how to start building a retaining wall or create a patio